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Implosive Dynamic

ElectroGravitic Propulsion System

Under Construction 


Gravitics Update 2013

I began in 1996 deciphering an ElectroGravitic tech from the Dogu statues and constructed models along the way that I used as visual teaching aids to help me learn this strange new gravitic technology.   I get the distinct feeling that a purely mechanical approach is far more appealing to you vs. some abstract experimental lab toy and it should be! 

QEG Power Plant

The QEG device above is similar to Tesla’s radiant energy receiver (RER) in that it consist of an antenna, coil and spark gap-tank circuit oscillator plus a bridge rectifying circuit w/LED. Ambient electromagnetic energy collected by the waveguide-antenna is converted via the coil and rectifying circuit into dc current and used to charge a 6-volt battery. In turn the battery is used to load the tank circuit oscillator and discharge across the spark gap electrodes. Thereby setting into motion a perpetual state of one or more forms of energy changing from one form of energy into another form of energy f.e.g. magnetism into electricity.

EGV-3 Wing undergoing body work

EGV3 Gravitic Wing

Ancient Frog Whistle 

A child of the 60’s I remember admiring an ancient ceramic frog whistle belonging to my dad.   He told me it came from Mexico and that his brother had given it to him.   One day my dad was showing the frog statue to my sister and my uncle Robert and they got to blow the whistle located in the tail of the frog statue.

Meanwhile I’m chomping at the bit for a chance to blow the whistle!  But my dad was reluctant to allow me to hold the statue I can only assume so that I didn’t drop it.  But after a little pleading with him he allowed me to hold and blow the whistle. 

From the moment I touched the frog statue pressed my lips to the tail and blew into the whistle I had a future premonition involving electrogravitic technology…  The vision was just a quick flash of insight and the only thing I came away with was the knowledge that sometime in the future I would be working with electrogravitic technology.    

I never gave the future premonition much thought after that but 12-years later 1975 4-others and myself witnessed a UFO perform sudden stops and loop maneuvers across the night sky and out into the depth of space!  I had a felling of vertigo come over me as I looked straight up and seeing how far into the depth of space this craft had flown…like looking into a deep hole!   I also got the sense of someone saying come on you can get this its not that complicated… 

Skipping forward to 1985 I begin studying energy and propulsion by 1996 I happened upon the ancient Dogu statues of Japan and intuitively began recognizing and decoding electronic components hidden in plain sight.    

While researching the electronic DOGU components, which translate into a 3-phase transformer system, I remembered the UFO maneuvers and how familiar those flight patterns were.  Grabbing my electronics’ dictionary off the shelf.  I opened it to the schematic pages comprising an open delta transformer and to my delight realized that the UFO’s maneuvers matched the open delta transformer schematic I found in the dictionary and that it was the very same technology encoded in plain sight on the DOGU statues.   

Skipping forward to 2014 I am constructing a radio-controlled spacecraft using the energy and propulsion system I decoded from the ancient DOGU and reverse engineered from the UFO sighting.

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Implosive Dynamic

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